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Spicing Up the Humble Cod

CodfishThe long seacoasts of Scandinavia make fish of many kinds easily available. Cod is standard fare that's been popular in many locales near seashores for millennia -- from Scandinavia to Italy to the shores of the United States in the New World.

The white and moist meat means that codfish is easy to prepare. Cod is available in many forms: dried, salted, smoked, as well as fresh and frozen. Fresh and frozen cod can be found as fillets, loins, or other portions.

The light taste of cod makes it possible to combine the fish with sauces for a variety of tastes.  Boiled codfish is commonly served in Scandinavia with dill, mustard or cream sauces or even simply with melted butter.

Try this combination of textures and tastes: boiled codfish topped with melted butter into which you've chopped some hard-boiled eggs, served with a mustard and horseradish sauce.  In typical Scandinavian fashion, little is wasted: the stock from the boiled cod is used as an ingredient in the mustard sauce. Serve this codfish dish with boiled potatoes.

  • You can boil dried, fresh or filleted cod. If using dried cod, you'll need to begin soaking it the day before.
  • Boiling potatoes takes more time than boiling the cod, so begin the potatoes before you begin boiling the cod.
  • When the cod is done, remove it from the pan carefully and put it on a hot serving dish. Keep it warm while preparing the sauce. Reserve the fish stock for the mustard/horseradish sauce.
  • Prepare the butter/egg topping while the cod is cooking: melt 1/2 cup of butter, chop 2 hard-boiled eggs and add to the melted butter, and pour the mixture over the fish just before serving.
  • Gather the other ingredients for the mustard/horseradish sauce before you begin cooking the cod, and prepare the sauce as soon as the cod is finished.

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  • Torsk: this page is in Norwegian, but even if you don't read that language, you might want to check out the large illustration of a cod.
  • Natural Resources: The Case of the Northern Cod:  information on issues of cod populations off the Atlantic coast of Canada, with political and economic considerations.

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