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Recipes on the Net:

Cheese Canapes
Salami slices on rye, with Scandinavian Västerbotten cheese or sharp cheddar slices, topped with bell pepper, Swedish mustard and cocktail onions.

Crab and Cucumber Canapes with Lemon and Chives
Half-inch slices of cucumber are used as the base for the crab meat tossed with mustard, mayonnaise, chives and lemon peel.

Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Mousse Sandwiches
Dill sprigs decorate the many layers stacked on pumpernickel. Illustrated.

Danish Caviar
Served on fried white bread, and topped by an egg yolk in an onion ring.

Danish Fondue
Danish cheeses - Havarti and Samso - join some lean bacon, lager and onion in this cheese fondue. Dip light rye or gherkins.

Fish Cakes with Pickled Cucumber Relish
An Asian parallel to Scandinavian favorites -- but with some of the hot peppery taste that's a new favorite.

A recipe for salmon cured in the refrigerator with spices and herbs. The cold salmon is then served on black bread with mustard.

Jarlsberg Filled Peppers (Jarlsbergfylt paprika)
A spicy mixture of this Norwegian cheese is used to stuff red or green peppers, which are then baked so that the cheese mixture is melted and the peppers cooked through.

Jarlsberg Twist Bread
Norwegian Jarlsberg and some shredded parsley rolled into a white bread.

Leeks in Mustard Vinaigrette
A vegetarian first course, the leftovers can be used as appetizers -- or make them right into appetizers first time around.

Marinated Edam Cheese (Marinert edamerost)
Small cubes of the cheese are chilled in a marinade mae of spices and vinegar. Serve at room temperature.

Mini Swedish Meatballs
Served hot in cream sauce, these are a hit on a buffet table. Also see other meatball recipes on this site.

Pickled Herring Canapes
Buffet-sized open-faced sandwiches: rye bread, chopped parsley, the sharp taste of minced onion and minced radish, then topped with strips of pickled herring and some capers.

Roasted Portobello Mushrooms with Fontina
Bread slices are baked after being topped with seasoned, broiled and sliced mushrooms and with the Swedish cheese, Fontina. Fontina is a great melting cheese, and its taste goes well with these mushrooms.

Salmon, Cream Cheese and Caviar on Pumpernickel Rounds
Another salmon appetizer on pumpernickel. This one's an open-face sandwich, served chilled.

Scalloped Potatoes with Three Cheeses
You might want to substitute Jarlsberg or Fontina for the extra-sharp cheddar, leaving the Danish blue cheese and Parmesan. An impressive side dish.

Smoked Mackerel Canapes
Another appetizer that's basically an open-face sandwich on pumpernickel bread.

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches
Triangles of Danish pumpernickel topped with a dill-mustard butter, then sliced smoked salmon and thin cucumber slices.

Smoked Salmon Canapes with Chive-Mustard Butter
Open-faced triangles with smoked salmon slices on tasty mustard butter, garnished with chives and pepper.

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches with Capers and Red Onion Relish
Use Danish-style pumpernickel for the bread on these three-layer appetizer sandwiches.

Danish open sandwiches, served as meals or appetizers.

Still More Smørrebrød
More of the Danish-style open-faced sandwiches, good for meals or as appetizers.

Stuffed Eggs
A Norwegian version of "deviled eggs" with butter, cheese, and also ham, tongue, (Scandinavian) anchovies or smoked salmon mixed with the egg yolks.

Walnuts and Cheese (Valnøtter og ost)
A Norwegian taste treat: blue cheese butter and a grape between two walnut halves.

Warm Lobster Salad
Spoon lobster mixture on lettuce leaves, then bake in a fish stock, cream and wine sauce. Serve hot with sauce.


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