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Recipes on the Net:

Apple Cardamom Bread
A Scandinavian-style recipe for the bread machine. Also includes rolled oats in the dough.

Basic Sweet Dough
This basic recipe can be adapted to many Swedish sweet roll and sweet yeast bread recipes, including the one for Swedish Tea Ring included here.

Cardamom Buns (Kardemommeboller)
Worth the time to make these yeast rolls from scratch.

Cardamom Rolls
After cutting slices of the jelly-roll-style sweet yeast dough with cinnamon/cardamom filling, the individual rolls are twisted in a traditional fashion.

Fat Tuesday Buns (Semlor)
These sweet rolls with an almond filling are a favorite pre-Lenten treat.

Jarlsberg Twist bread
From, a recipe using the Norwegian national cheese. This recipe comes from Chef Namdal of Oslo's Grand Hotel. Includes nutrition information.

Jule Kaga
A traditional Jule bread, with candied fruits and raisins, flavored generously with cardamom.

Limpa Bread
This version (from uses whole wheat flour instead of rye flour, and also includes powdered buttermilk. The added gluten helps the heavy flours rise better.

Lucia Buns (Lussekatter)
Traditional buns served for the Saint Lucia holiday in December. These are made with saffron, and are traditionally shaped to look like crowns and cats.

Maple Pecan Danish Kringle
An adaptation of almond coffeecake. The recipe includes two variations: lemon pecan kringle and almond kringle.

Norsk Apple Muffins
Adaptation of Norwegian apple cake. Flavored with lemon peel and topped with sliced almonds.

Swedish Corn Bread
In the American South, corn bread is made "with as much sugar as flour" -- none of either, in other words. But this moister recipe includes both flour and sugar and is suitable for serving at any meal.

Swedish Hardtack
Use buttermilk and coarse rye flour to make these thin hard breads. If you bake them with a hole in the middle you can stack them on a traditional hardtack holder.

Swedish Rye Bread
An everyday Swedish rye: no orange, caraway, anise. Sweetened with brown sugar and molasses.

Swedish Rye Bread
A Christmas favorite: rye flavored with anise and orange. you'll want to bake them as the traditional round loaves.

Swedish Rye Bread II
Uses orange zest and caraway with the rye flour for its unique taste.

Swedish Rye: Aunt Milly Swedenborg's
Made with rye or pumpernickel flour, a bit of added gluten, flavored with orange rind and sweetened with brown sugar and molasses. No caraway or anise in this version. Adapted to fit in a 1 1/2 pound bread maker.

Swedish Tea Ring
A beautiful presentation: sweet yeast bread with cinnamon filling.


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