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Recipes on this site:

Cardamom Almond Stamped Cookies
Scandinavian taste treat: cardamom almond flavored cookies dressed up by pressing them with a cookie stamp.

Serinakaker (Serina Cookies)
Butter-rich, delicate Norwegian cookie, topped with chopped almonds or your choice of other toppings fit for the occasion.

Hannah's Sugar Cookies
A simple sugar cookie to cut out with cookie cutters. Flavored with cardamom and almond extract.

Recipes on the Net:

Aebleskiver (Ebleskiver, ∆bleskiver)
Danish round pancakes, often with apple filling. These four recipe variations are on the site of Sweet Celebrations, which also sells the special pans that make this cake-like treat easy to make.

Almond Macaroons
This macaroon is made with finely ground almonds, no coconut. (Try making it with "almond flour" if you can find it: already-prepared very finely ground almonds.)

Anise Stamp Cookies
Use a cookie stamp to press a design into these simple butter cookies made with anise seed and anise extract.

Black and White Pinwheels (link not working)
In the middle of this article on a "cool way to make cookies" (prepare the dough logs ahead of time and freeze them for later baking!), you'll find a recipe for cardamom-flavored cookies with a layer of white and a layer of chocolate dough, rolled to form a pinwheel.

Black and White Pinwheels
The article above seems to have disappeared; for those who want some sort of black and white pinwheel cookies, try this non-cardamom-flavored version, or add about a quarter teaspoon of ground cardamom with the vanilla extract. Or try Cherry Pinwheels.

Brysell Cookies
Roll the dough logs in chopped walnuts before slicing them and baking the cookies. Brysells means "Brussels" in Swedish.

Buttery Old Fashioned Wreaths
The dough is rolled out in thin strips, then two strips are woven together to make three-inch wreaths. Very rich cookie.

Cardamom Cookies
Flavored with cardamom, nutmeg, lemon peel and almonds - use your cookie cutters to shape them for holidays or other seasons.

Channukah Swedish Tea Cookies
Adaptation of a Swedish filled cookie recipe, using blue sugar for the star-shaped sandwiches and yellow sugar for the fluted circle-shaped ones ("Channukah gelt").

Cinnamon Cookies
Thin cinnamon-sugar dusted cookies. Note: directions fail to mention that you should fold the chopped walnuts into the cookie dough after blending in the rest of the ingredients.

Cookie Stamps
A source for Scandinavian-style cookie stamps.

Danish Dandies
This lemon-flavored butter cookie is baked by placing balls of the dough on the cookie sheet, then sprinkling with chopped nuts.

Dream Cookies
A Swedish favorite. Uses baker's ammonia, available online or at your local pharmacy. The smell during baking may be awful but the results are well worth it.

Fattigman Bakkels
The name's a humorous one: "poor man" cookies. With the cream and brandy, it's far from that! A deep-fried cookie, cut in a diamond shape with a slit, then one end pulled through the slit to form a knot.

Fattigmands - Norwegian
Another recipe for the Scandinavian favorite, a fried cookie, cut in a diamond shape with one end pulled through a slit in the middle to form a knot.

Ginger Thins (Pepparkakor)
From Gourmet, 1998. This is a very popular cookie at Christmas. You can buy pepparkakor in many groceries but nothing quite matches the homemade version.

Honiglebkuchen (Honey Spice Cake Cookies)
Rolled and cut with cookie cutters. These gingerbread-like cookies are flavored with cinnamon, cloves, citrus, rum, and are made with honey and finely-chopped almonds.

A sour cream cookie (no butter), shaped into figure 8's.

Instructions for seasoning a cast iron krumkake iron, plus recipes for lemon krumkake and cardamom krumkake. From Sweet Celebrations (aka Maid of Scandinavia), which has krumkake irons for sale.

Krumkake: Lemon
Recipe from Land O' Lakes. This variation on traditional krumkake uses grated lemon peel for flavoring.

Melting Moments
Sweet almond-and-orange flavored cookies with a lemon-orange glaze.

Orange Spiced Gingerbread Cookies
Land O' Lakes provides this update on traditional gingerbread cookies. The orange peel gives it a very Scandinavian flavor.

Sand Tarts
The sugar gives these cookies their sandy texture and the sprinkle of cinnamon gives them the tan color.

Sandbakelser (Cookie Shells)
Buttery almond cookies baked in special baking tins. Use almond flour if you can find it to save time grinding your own almonds. Scroll down the page to find this recipe.

Serina Kaker
A Norwegian cookie popular at Christmas, this recipe is from Gourmet, December 1999. A simple cookie with a little baking powder in the dough, it's claim to fame is the thumbprint in the center, brushed with egg, and dusted with coarse sugar.

A Swedish version of an international favorite. Originally from House and Garden, 1964.

Spicy Cardamom Crisps
A bit like pepparkakor or ginger cookies, these are cut in triangles with some sliced almonds on top.

A German cookie, pressed into a mold with designs or imprinted by a rolling pin with the designs carved into it. Anise flavored.

A favorite not just in Sweden! Use a cookie press to make stars, S-shapes, wreath circles or newer shapes like Christmas trees and bells. You can color the dough lightly in red and green for variety.

Another simple Spritz recipe, from Sweet Celebrations (which also has cookie presses for sale).

Spritz: Peanut Butter
An update on a Swedish cookie-press classic: use peanut butter in the dough.

Swedish Kringler
A bar cookie with almond frosting.

Swedish Sugar Cookies
A simple recipe for rolled dough you can cut into shapes.

Syltkakor (Swedish Sandwich Cookies)
These buttery almond cookies use currant (or strawberry) jelly as glue between one round and one scalloped cookie.

Light Norwegian cookies, much like an almond macaroon. Traditionally shaped (by hand) into stars.


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