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Recipes on this site:

Spicing Up the Humble Cod
The easy availability of cod and its light taste make it another Scandinavian staple with many variations.

Herring: Favorite Scandinavian Staple
A standard Scandinavian food since ancient times, herring is found on the smörgåsbord, in salads, on open-faced sandwiches, and in hot and cold dishes.

Boiled Cod Fillets
Simple directions for preparing this moist, meaty fish with a light taste. Suggested mustard/horseradish sauce, or check the Sauces sections on this site.

Boiled Dried Cod
Start 24 hours ahead and soak the dried cod, then quickly cook it. Serve with butter and a recommended mustard and horseradish sauce.

Sillgratin (Herring Casserole)
A traditional hearty baked dish with herring, potatoes and onions.  Great for the smörgåsbord or for dinner on a cold evening.

Recipes on the Net:

Bergens Fiskesuppe (Bergen Fish Soup)
From this Norwegian harbor town comes this soup: use halibut, cod or haddock, and include root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, leeks). Flavored with parsley, onion, bay leaf, etc. Sour cream is optional (I'd recommend it).

Crayfish - Kräftor
The crayfish are boiled in dill and served with buttered toast. "At a crayfish party, it is mandatory to sing each time" you take a drink of "snaps" (Swedish aquavit).

Danish Fish with Cucumbers
The fish is cooked in boiling water with white pepper, bay laves, dill seed and mustard seed. The fish is served with a cucumber concoction (recipe included), boiled new potatoes and lemon wedges.

Dill 'N Salmon Pasta Salad
A modern presentation of some traditional Scandinavian favorite flavors. Try substituting Danish blue cheese for the cheddar.

Fiskepudding / Fiskefarse (Fish Pudding / Fish Balls)
Spongy fish mixed with cream, a little butter and bread crumbs. Use a blender for a good consistency. Bake in a mold or roll the mixture into balls, refrigerate them, the poach them and serve them in a soup.

Fried Eels with Creamed Potatoes (Stegt Aal med Stuvede Kartofler)
A Danish specialty.

Fried Herrings and Onion Sauce (Stegt Sild Med Logsauce)
Breaded herring are fried, then served with potatoes and with onions that have been cooked in butter, flour and milk with a little salt and sugar.

Glasmästarsill (Glassblower's Herring)
Arrange the herring pieces artistically in a jar with thin slices of onion, horseradish, carrots and ginger root, and add spices. Add sweetened vinegar mixture and pickle in the refrigerator for a few days. Essential item on the smörgåsbord!

Swedish cured salmon: between the two halves of the salmon is fresh dill. The package is weighted and refrigerated for 2-4 days. Gravlax is served as thin slices, often topped with mustard sauce.

Grilled Marinated Mackerel (Stekt Marinert Makrell)
Deboned mackerel is marinaded in oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and onion, then broiled or grilled. Recommended: tomato or horseradish butter.

Klipfisk (Salted Dried Cod)
A Danish dish, like lutefisk. Text-only recipe.

From the Sons of Norway, information on Lutefisk and how to cook it the old fashioned way (in boiling water), or without water or baked in foil. Includes a list of toppings, but no recipes for the sauces.

Clay Shirky's encounter with the Norwegian lutefisk: dried codfish soaked for days in a lye solution. Includes the memorable "If you can taste the difference between caviar on a cracker and ketchup on a Kit-Kat while blindfolded, you have not had enough aquavit to be ready for lutefisk."

Lutfisk: A Culinary Catastrophe
A semi-serious treatment of the Swedish Christmas dish, including a note that lutefish is NOT a toxic substance.

Norwegian Style Poached Salmon with Anchovy Butter
Use anchovy paste, available from several online sources as well as some local specialty stores. Note: Scandinavian anchovies are not the same as what American stores sell as anchovies, though you can make a tasty substitution with those anchovies as well.

Oven Poached Salmon Steaks
The salmon is baked in a wine/spice mixture, covered with foil, keeping the steaks very moist.

Oven-Poached Salmon Steaks with Mustard Dill Sauce
Swedish-style recipe for salmon, very effective presentation.

Plukfisk (Stewed Codfish)
A Danish preparation for leftover boiled cod: cook it with a white sauce flavored with mustard and diced boiled potatoes.

Risted Laks med Kremsaus (Fried Trout in Sour Cream Sauce)
Simple: brown the trout in a skillet (preferably with head and tail still on), top with a sour cream sauce made with flour, butter, oil, and a bit of lemon juice.

Salmon Soup
Don't waste any of the salmon! With the trimmings (bones, head, skin and tail) make a salmon stock, then make a cream soup with egg yolks, carrots, baby peas and spices. Flavored with dill (of course).

Salmon with Cucumber-Sour Cream Sauce
The lime is a new taste, but the dill/cucumber/sour cream sauce is very familiar (use white pepper for a more Scandinavian taste). And of course salmon is so very Scandinavian!

Salmon, Cream Cheese and Caviar on Pumpernickel Rounds
First you smoke the salmon: in the oven, wrapped in foil.

Shrimp Tart
Use Danish pumpernickel, and, if you can find it, Swedish caviar. The white pepper is a definite Swedish touch to this dish.

Sillsallad (Herring Salad)
Cubed beets, apples, herring and potatoes, with chopped dill pickles and onions, chilled in a mold for 1-2 days, and served on a smörgåsbord, especially at Christmas.

Sour Herring
This fermented herring isn't everyone's favorite, but if you like sauerkraut or pickled herring, give it a try. It sounds worse than it tastes!

Stegt Rodspaette
Breaded sauteed flounder (substituted for the Danish fish plaice), with sauteed small shrimp and browned butter as a topping.

Torsk med Eggesaus (Poached Codfish Steaks with Egg Sauce)
Two garnishes for poached codfish are included: a simple lemon butter sauce, or egg sauce: butter, fish stock, chopped tomatoes, chopped hard-boiled eggs (the recipe doesn't tell you how much) and chives.

Warm Lobster Salad
A baked lobster salad, with the lobster cakes wrapped in wilted lettuce leaves and topped with a cream sauce.


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