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Sources: Ingredients, Tools

Scandinavian cooking and baking essentials from the web: I provide these listings as a convenience for those who are cooking and baking in the Scandinavian style.  These commercial sources are outside my control, so please assess the quality and value for yourself, and please let me know if a link does not work or the vendor no longer provides the described tools or ingredients. Thanks!

Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker
A Swedish-designed glass coffee pot that's fun to watch and makes great brewed coffee.

Cook's Wares: Lingonberries
Order lingonberries direct from this page.

Cookie Stamps
A source for Scandinavian-style cookie stamps, suitable for many recipes.

Gevalia Coffee
Some Swedish-Americans swear by their Stockholm roast.

House on the Hill
Practical replicas of historic cookie molds. Great for springerle cookies or other "picture cookies." From pious to humorous, the collection is huge.

King Arthur Flour: Baker's Catalogue Online
Baking supplies, ingredients and tools. A few recipes. Use the search engine at the "catalogue" link to find almond flour, anise seed, baker's ammonia, pearl sugar, rye flour, pumpernickel flour, a Swedish Limpa Bread mix, a kransekake cake pan set, a rosette set, and just about every standard baking ingredient and tool you could want.  (Warning: don't try ordering from the online catalog from multiple browser windows or you may find that you've ordered the wrong item.)

Kitchen Karousel
Krumkake irons, lefse bakers and rolling pins, Danish dough whisks, aebliskivver pans, kransekake rings, sandbakkelse tins and fattigman cutters. Also a whole page on rosettes -- forms, handles, recipe books and sets.

Kitchen Krafts: Foodcrafter's Supply Catalog
Includes lefse-making supplies and tools. Phone orders and secure online shopping.

An online shop that's really located in Sweden. Watch out for the shipping costs, but the specialties available may make those worthwhile with a large order. Includes cheese, reindeer meat, a selection of fish and cheese, sweets and snacks. Plus, unusual items including tobacco and snuff. Don't miss the toys, jewelry, sweaters and clogs, too!

Sugarcraft, Inc.: Rosette Tools
Rosette making equipment: many forms available.

Sur La Table
Large cooking and tableware catalog, and there are stores in many states. Look for: aebelskiver and plett pan, rosette tools including many forms, cookie cutters and springerle forms, lefse rolling pin, kransekake form set, krumkake iron, and more among the many tools.

Sweden's Best Swedish Food and Gifts
The online home of Nyborg Nelson's New York store. Not a huge selection at this time but you'll find standard foods and even a variety of Dala horses.

Sweet Celebrations
Formerly Maid of Scandinavia. This online catalog is full of cake decorating and candy making supplies, but also includes many Scandinavian favorites: kransekage pans, krumkake iron, ratchet-action cookie press (for Spritz), aebleskiver pan, almond paste, baker's ammonia, lefse equipment, sanbakelse forms, rosette mix and many different forms, etc. Page through the catalog preview for a complete look.

Tavolo: Scandinavian Food Specialties
A page linking to Tavolo's Scandinavian food specialties available online. A great site including some items hard to find online (fruit spreads, many varieties of seafood including sprats/Swedish anchovies), but a limited selection of foods. Don't miss their aebleskiver pan in their kitchenware section.

Wikstrom's Gourmet Food
Ingredients and prepared foods available through their online store. Scandinavian baking ingredients, mixes for soups and baked goods, dried yellow peas and brown beans in true Swedish style, herring, lutefisk, lingonberries, cheeses -- just like shopping in their store on Clark Street in Chicago!

Wooden Spoon
A Scandinavian Food and Gifts shop in Texas has an online catalog. Online ordering is not by secure server, but you can call their 800 number. Don't miss the Scandinavian tools and baking ingredients, and look around for their yellow peas, brown beans and books. Also t-shirts and mugs with such sayings as "Lutefisk: Just Say No," "100% Swexan," "Have you driven a Fjord lately?" and "Uff Da Ya'll."

Wooden Spoon Scandinavian Cooking Tools
Go right to their page of specialty items, including krumkaker, lefse, aebleskiver, rosette, krumkake, kransekake, fattigmann, almond cake, sandbakkel, and plete supplies. Online ordering is not by secure server, but you can call their 800 number.

Wooden Spoon Scandinavian Food Products
Go right to their list of Scandinavian food specialties.


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